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U.S.S. New Jersey

The New Jersey (BB-62) was launched 7 December 1942.

New Jersey finished training of the initial crew and trials in the Western Atlantic and Caribbean. On 7 January 1944 it passed through the Panama Canal war-bound for Funafuti, Ellice Islands. They arrived there 22 January for duty with the Fifth Fleet, and three days later met with Task Group 58.2 for the assault on the Marshall Islands. New Jersey screened the carriers from enemy attack.
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New Jersey began it's grand career as a flagship 4 February in Majuro Lagoon when Admiral Raymond A. Spruance, commanding the Fifth Fleet, displayed his flag from her mast. It's first action as a flagship was a brave two-day surface and air strike by there task force against the supposedly impregnable Japanese fleet base on Truk in the Carolines. This blow was matched with the assault on Kwajalein, and effectively destroyed Japanese naval retaliation to the conquest of the Marshalls. On 17 and 18 February; the task force accounted for two Japanese light cruisers, four destroyers, three auxiliary cruisers, two submarine tenders, two submarine chasers, an armed trawler, a plane ferry, and 23 others, not including small craft. New Jersey destroyed a trawler and, with other ships, sank destroyer Maikaze, as well as firing on an enemy plane which attacked her formation.

The New Jersey was inactivated at the New York Naval Shipyard. It was decommissioned at Bayonne 30 June 1948 and appointed to the New York Group, Atlantic Reserve Fleet.

The New Jersey was recommissioned at Bayonne 21 November 1950, with Captain David M. Tyree in command. In the Caribbean they trained it's crew into an efficient body which would meet with distinction the demanding requirements of the Korean War.
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