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Every year the country loses more and more timber frame barns and the significant history they contain. The barn has developed over the years and currently uses modern-day designs and computer controlled equipment in its design, but back in the 19th century it was a woodworker who created the angles and wood cuts necessary to create a timber framed barn which was then assembled using wooden pegs.

This barn, made in 1898 on a stone foundation, was built to last on a working farm in St. Charles IL. It stood until this year (2010) when a tornado lifted the barn 6 inches off the rubble stone foundation and then slammed it back to earth where it then fell onto itself. The tornado then picked up what was left and threw it over a 1000 ft debris field as it departed, leaving what was once the main focus of the farm just a pile of broken and twisted lumber, yet a home not more than 300 feet away was unharmed.
This writing instrument is made from that proud 1898 Barn.
•   Every hard wood pen includes a case

•   Every pen comes with a certificate of authenticity
Tornado Pen $59.95 USD