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School desks were not created until 1880. Before that time,only a few children went to school, because there were no laws making it mandatory that they attend school. Many children worked in factories or for their parents. The ones who received education were tutored at home where they studied at full sized wooden desks. If they did go to an actual school, they studied on long tables in lecture halls, or, sat on benches where they studied without a desk and struggled to write on their laps.
The school desk was made in 1880 by John D. Loughlin in Sidney, Ohio. The desk proved to be extremely popular across the country. The usefulness of the desks allowed for many to be put used in a one room schoolhouse, and the fashion aspect of it was pleasing to those in the education industry. Loughlin's sales campaign also helped to sell these desks, which would eventually sweep the nation. The "Fashion Desks" were desks attached to one another and were big enough to seat two or three children. Usually, there was an inkwell so that the student could refill his pen's supply.
The School Desk
Some time in the 1940's desks were made with ornately designed cast iron frames and a wooden top. The slightly slanted top, often with names and doodles of past occupants, had a groove to hold pencils and pens and a circular hole that was just the right size to hold a special bottle of ink. A shelf for books, and other items was located beneath the desktop. Each unit was consisted of the table part, with a wooden bench and seat back attached in the front. They were overlapped so that one student sat on the bench seat, and worked at the desktop of the unit in front of it.
This writing instrument is made from one of those desks
•   Every hard wood pen includes a case

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