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Oxford is a village in the lower middle part of Marquette County, Wisconsin.  The county was formed in 1836.  Before the European settlers came to the area, it was inhabited by the Winnebago, Menomonee, and Mascoutin Indian tribes (Marquette).  Oxford was built on the Neenah creek.  This creek is why Oxford exists.  The oxen used to pull wagons and transport people had to cross or "ford" the river at its narrowest point.  This narrowest point became known as Oxford (where the oxen ford the creek) and the town grew up around that spot.  Mike Myers is a 3rd generation woodworker and has his own saw mill which he uses to create custom made bar counter tops. The wood in this pen comes from a corner of his shop, placed there by his grandfather three generations ago and stayed untouched till now.
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Oxford Pen $45.95 USD