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Hampshire was created in 1835. In the beginning it was not called Hampshire, but the west part of Rutland and formed the precinct of Deerfield. In giving a record of the we will naturally have to write of people who stayed in Rutland as well as those who went to Hampshire.
Elijah Rich and son, Thomas and Eviline Starks visited and then stayed  until the following year. These men started farms now owned by E. E. Rich and E. Starks. Indians camped on hill while they were building. They were Pottawottimies and did not want to hurt anyone. Elijah Rich and Eviline Starks visited from Vermont on horseback. Mr. Rich's family came to Chicago using the canal and the Great Lakes. They made the rest of the journey by teams of horses. In the early days it was with great difficulity for the men to move their families from the  Vermont to such a wilderness as these men found neighbors greater than ten miles and no town nearer than Chicago. When they arrived there they didn't register at the Auditorium but took stayed in a tavern in the mud on the Lakeshore. The pleasures of travel were not as great, but these early pioneers were not men easily discouraged by hardships of travel as only persons of energy, courage and preservation would have attempted to seek homes in what was then known as the far West.
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