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On the night of October 8, 1871, allegedly a fire broke out in Mrs. O'Leary's barn on the chicago's southwest side. Many unfortunate human and natural events caused the blaze to quickly spread out of control.
While the fire spreading and growing rapidly, the city’s firefighters continued to battle the blaze. A short time after the fire jumped the river, a burning ember lodged on the roof of the city’s waterworks. Eventually, the interior of the building was a blaze and the building was destroyed. With it, the water mains went dry and the city was helpless. The fire burned unchecked from block to block.
The evening of the 9th, it started to rain but the fire had already started to come to an end.
The following day, the rain gave a needed boost to firefighting efforts.
Hans Wilkins in November 2013 removed this wood when some work was preformed from the third floor, top floor of A Coach House in Chicago Illinois. He was told by the owner it was the only house that didn't burn in The Great Chicago Fire on that block..
Great Chicago Fire of 1871
•   Every hard wood pen includes a case and a certificate of authenticity
Great Chicago Fire Pen $79.95 USD
This writing instrument is made of fine wood from the Great Chicago Fire.