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Ancient Kauri - The Oldest Workable Wood On the Planet
Radio carbon dating places the age of the Ancient Kauri trees that are being excavated from the northland of New Zealand at 50,000 years old.  This is the maximum limit of radio carbon dating, it is probable that this wood is even older.

The amount of ancient Kauri buried on the North Island of New Zealand is unknown. The trees were knocked down and buried by an unexplained act of nature near the end of the last Ice Age. Some of the extracted Kauri lived for nearly 2,000 years, and are enormous.

How is Ancient Kauri harvested?

The logs are below the surface of what are usually farm fields and ranch lands. When a site is identified, permission is secured and expert operators of heavy equipment carefully expose and lift the logs out of the prehistoric bogs.

They are immense, and raising the logs to the surface is just part of the job: moving them to a location to begin the milling process, and the milling itself, has necessitated some innovative equipment designs and plain old lumberman's ingenuity.

Does Kauri still grow?


The Kauri trees still grow in New Zealand, and other locations around the Pacific Rim, including Australia, the Fijian Islands, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia and New Caledonia.  The early settlers of New Zealand harvested incredible amounts of Kauri around the turn of the last century, using it first for ship building, and then for everything from houses and bridges to furniture and household items.

Law now protects the Kauri trees that grow in New Zealand, and there are reserves in various areas of the North Island. Ancient Kauri trees, however, are not found any other place else on earth.
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Ancient Kauri
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