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Al Capone
The Prohibition days from 1920 to 1933 it was believed Al Capone and his gang stopped at the Mineola Hotel in Fox Lake. As early as the 1910s, Fox Lake was known for its drinking and gambling businesses.
A it was reported it was worse than in the levee districts of the city.
The situation in Fox Lake was probably due to Chicago's efforts to clean up its own districts, which caused those districts to settle in the suburbs.
The article added, Probably the most vicious resort is the Mineola Hotel. All of the hotels are supplied with slot machines.

Often visited by Al Capone the Mineola Hotel in Fox Lake, which still displays his hat in a glass case.
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The wood in the pen comes from the Mineola Hotel and was verified to be there at the time when Al Capone visited.
Al Capone